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You have an epiphany about how you can fix a costume you thought would be impossible but you don't have enough time left in the holidays to do it. This journal is a sequel to my previous. I've been studying my official costume designs from the films and worked out how to edit my costume so it works. However, I don't have time this year to finish it and I won't have access to a sewing machine until christmas again ><. Aiming to get both Legolas and Tauriel done for LAGC next year!
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A geek and proud of it.
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United Kingdom
Name's Light-Sensei I'm a London based 19 year old cosplayer, who at the moment is trying to pursue a career in astrophysics while trying to maintain a healthy social life. I have an unhealthy addiction to tea, fruitcake and Zelda.

I've been cosplaying and attending conventions since 2009, my first being Light Yagami from Death Note at the London MCM Expo but I only really took it more seriously in 2012. I try and make most of my costumes to the best of my ability and I'm always trying to achieve an accurate looking costume while adding my own little twists.

I get all my inspiration for cosplay from my love of video games, my favourite being The Legend Of Zelda, which most of my costumes are from. My dream is to make every single Princess Zelda costume. Going to take me a while but I'm determined to get there.

I'm also into writing, drawing and photography. I'm the proud author of the Zelda fanfic Hidden Heroes check it out here: which stemmed from RP-ing with the wonderful :icontoonprincesszeldafan:
I believe that a person can only be beautiful on the outside if they are first beautiful on the inside. If this is not the case then one cannot be beautiful no matter how much makeup you put on...


Upcoming Cosplays
:bulletred: OoT Adult Zelda- Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
:bulletred: Tauriel-The Hobbit
:bulletred: Legolas- The Hobbit
:bulletred: Brendan and May- Pokemon Ruby and Saphire
:bulletred: Secret Twilight Princess costume.

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You have an epiphany about how you can fix a costume you thought would be impossible but you don't have enough time left in the holidays to do it. This journal is a sequel to my previous. I've been studying my official costume designs from the films and worked out how to edit my costume so it works. However, I don't have time this year to finish it and I won't have access to a sewing machine until christmas again ><. Aiming to get both Legolas and Tauriel done for LAGC next year!
  • Mood: Shame
  • Listening to: Two Steps from Hell
  • Reading: A Feast For Crows
  • Watching: Dragon Ball Z
Copied from my facebook page for all those who were interested in my Tauriel costume:

After several months of frustration and with a heavy heart, I have to announce that I will no longer be making Tauriel. She was a much too ambitious project to take on and has even started to make me seriously doubt my abilities as a cosplayer. I haven't really enjoyed the process of making the costume and it has only caused me stress and anxiety. One day, in the future, I hope to return to the costume with the abilities to see the project from start to finish. I'm also planning to take a break for the rest of this year from conventions. I won't be giving up cosplay entirely and I will be definitely seeing Legolas all the way through. I also plan to continue my other projects such as OoT Zelda as these are considerably easier andI am far too addicted to cosplaying to give up now. However, for now, I will be only making small bits of progress as I start to get ready for university again. Once again, thank you to all of my lovely followers for all the support over the past few months! You all have been so wonderful and I look forward to sharing more progress of my other costumes.
  • Mood: Shame
  • Listening to: Two Steps from Hell
  • Reading: A Feast For Crows
  • Watching: Dragon Ball Z

Seeing Red

Rinku watch the wolfos writhe until it's life had finally left. He sighed in relief, it was over. He uttered a small prayer to goddesses before turning his attention to music, now louder than before. His attempt to pass around the next corner was abruptly stopped when a small object smashed into his upper arm. Rinku gasped and jumped back, trying to analyse the source of the small projectile. As he narrowly avoided the second shot, he caught a glimpse of the creature.

Deku Scrub

He cursed silently. Back in Kakariko, and when they were much younger, Link would return home from 'adventuring' with many a bruise from his encounters with the pesky scrubs. To do this day, the brothers had never fully figured out how to defeat the scrubs. There was no apparent way to get close to the creatures without getting bombarded by Deku nuts.

Or was there?

If only there was a way to use their Deku nuts against them. Rinku thought long and hard for a few moments before he came to a logical idea. Because the  deku nuts were travelling at such a high speed that if they rebounded off a surface at a certain distance from the scrub then surely the nut would have enough energy to hit the creature.

Hopefully not damaging it too badly.

Setting his plan into motion he equipped his shield and shuffled forward. Bracing himself for impact he closed his eyes and turned the corner. Once he felt the nut reverberate off the shield, and the sudden yell from the scrub, Rinku opened his eyes. The scrub, dazed and confused, sat mumbling incoherent nonsense. Despite a rising feeling of guilt, Rinku proceeded around the next bend. Apologising to the scrub as he went.


Rinku lept out of the way just in time as another nut came hurtling his way. Sighing, he took out the shield once more, braced himself and progressed forward.

I don’t like all the innocent creatures I have to keep hurting

But if that’s what being a hero and saving Hyrule was all about then he would just have to deal with it. After all, those nuts really hurt.

Another two corners, another two nuts. He sighed in relief, the music even louder now. After turning the final he found himself wondering into a small clearing. An immense stone mosaic with three triangles was placed in the centre. However it was what was sat on the tree stump, playing the ocarina, which surprised Rinku the most.

“Saria?!” He gasped, confused as he walked over to her.

How in Hyrule did she get here?

 Saria put down the ocarina, the source of the music. She smirked.

“You remind me of him.” She giggled at first but then fell to a solemn sadness.


“Nevermind.” She shook her head, the smile returning to her face. “I forgot to teach you this earlier.” Without waiting for the answer she picked up the ocarina and placed it to her lips once more.  She played the light-hearted tune again. Rinku watched making a mental note of the positions of her fingers as she played the same six notes over and over again.

When he was sure he had memorised it, Saria stopped.

“You’re turn.” She urged with a reassuring smile. Scrabbling around in his pocket he pulled out the ocarina Saria had given him earlier that day. Hesitantly he played a few shaky notes. After a few attempts, and Saria’s encouragement, Rinku finally learnt his first song.

“I’m sure it will help you on your journey. After all, it helped him greatly.”

Who was this ‘he’ Saria keeps talking about?

Making a mental note of Saria’s song he bid farewell to her, and passed back through portal.


Rinku choked slightly on the dry air when he emerged back into the cavern. Time to continue on his way down toward the centre of the cavern, passing several unlit candelabras and torches on his way.

At the base of the cave two larger darkened torches indicated a passageway into another room. Two saddened Gorons lay curled up on the intricately patterned floor. Daring not to wake them, and being the curious lad he was, he entered the room ahead.

An even sadder sight graced his eyes. A far larger Goron, with a magnificent spiked, greying hair and beard which complemented his tanned rock like skin, stood glumly in the centre of the cavern.

“Goro.” The intimidating chieftain sighed solemnly, barely noticing Rinku sudden appearance.

“Hello?” Asked Rinku sheepishly trying to gain the creature’s attention but it somewhat failed. The Goron could not be roused from it’s saddened state. Rinku stood back to pause and think for a few moments. Wondering how he to gauge some sort of a reaction. Whenever he was upset, Link would always bring him cookies and milk  which never failed to cheer him up.

Aaaaaaaah milk

Rinku’s mouth started salivating at the though of his favourite creamy beverage.

However, he doubted such an elementary thing would cheer this poor creature up. He encompassed himself once again into his thoughts. His brow furrowing as he tried to think harder. Nevertheless it was Ellie’s beaming face that clouded his thoughts. He couldn’t wait to show her Saria’s rather jolly song he’d learnt on the ocaina when he returned.

The Ocarina!!

The upbeat tune of Saria’s song would surely cheer the goron up. Burrowing in his pockets he pulled the ocarina to his lips, and closed his eyes tightly shut and fumbled around playing the same six notes a number of times before adding on his own little ending. His eyes jolted open as he felt a sudden pounding on the floor beneath his feet. A deep booming laugh echoed throughout the room, and Rinku was sure it could be heard from the village of Kakariko.

“Again!” The Goron cried with joy, wanting Rinku to play again. Not wanting to anger the creature, fearing it’s strength he picked up the ocarina once more to play Saria’s song. As he did the Goron joined it by smashing his feet against the stone cavern floor in what appeared to be a jig.

After the song finished for the second time. The Goron chucked, introducing himself as Darunia, the head of the Goron race. Sensing somewhat calmness overcome the room, Rinku gently inquired about the Spiritual Stone of Fire.

“HA! Our race has little concern for the troubles of Hylians while our own people are starving. A puny thing like you isn’t worthy of touching the Goron Ruby.”

“But how can I prove my worth?”

“As of late, dark creatures have been festering the cave of our great Dodongo, preventing us from collecting our favourite rock sirloins.” Darunia turned serious once more.

“If I were to rid the cave of the creatures would you consider lending me the ruby?” He would do anything to get his hands on the Spiritual Stones his beloved desired.

“Of course.” Darunia’s booming laughed launched itself around the cave again. Rinku could tell that Darunia doubted his abilities. “I’d even make you a brother to the Gorons.” Rinku grinned almost tasting the titles he would be able to boast about to his elder brother. “Here.” Darunia pulled out what looked to be like a thick golden bracelet. “This should help grace you with the strength of a Goron.” The Goron chief chuckled once more before shooing Rinku out of the room.

Returning to the main mountain cavern, Rinku was more than happy to be on his way, becoming ever more closer to the gaining the first spiritual stone.


Gasping in several breaths of fresh air he made his started his search for the evil infested Dodongo’s cave. He scanned the summit but failed to find anything other than a few Gorons and the entrance to Goron City.

“Hey!” Called a voice from above. Rinku glanced up and noticed a rocky overhang. Sat on the ledge were two somewhat friendly and only slightly intimidating looking Goron.  He approached them with caution. “You see over there.” The goron on the left pointed to the odd bulbous looking flowers growing at the edge of cliff surrounding the path back down to Kakariko. “They’re bomb flowers, pick them up and the go KABOOOOOM.” The Goron imitated the explosion. The two gorons laughed as they watched Rinku wince. He debated back and forth with himself for several moments, deciding whether or not to take the goron up on his word

Being a hero is all about risks.

He paced himself and crept forward towards the flower. Grabbing the ‘fruit’ with two hands he plucked it from the ground.

He froze

It started to hiss

He panicked

It hissed louder

He cursed and then threw it onto the path below. 

The bomb rolled its way down the path, until it reached a number of rather large rocks blocking what seemed to be a cave at the side of the mountain.


Just like the goron said. Smoke spluttered and debris crashed in into the mountainside. Revealing the entrance to the cave.

Dodongo’s Cave

He grinned and ran down the path, thanking the gorons as he went. When he reached the cave he paused taking a deep breath.

Here we go!

Darkness filled his sight as he blinked several times. Trying to get his eyes to adjust to the lack of lighting. He almost immediately noticed the increased temperature as we wiped drops of swear from his temple. Platforms or varying height surrounded, ominous looking lava. At the back of the room, embedded into the wall was a large, lizard like skull. From the picture he had seen in one of Link’s books, the creature stood on the central platform was a beamos. As long as he stayed out of its range, or blew it up, he would be safe, a little tricky but doable. He glanced around a few more times. Bomb flowers grew on several ledges. The door on the right hand side of the room was locked by a metal grating while on the other of the room sat another entrance but this one blocked by boulders. Knowing exactly what to do, Rinku lunged forward onto a platform and grabbed the bomb flower. He was more prepared this time around and as it started to hiss, he launched it into the air, aiming for the cavern covered in rocks. In another mighty explosion, the rocks were transformed to pebbles.

The smoke cleared to reveal a large treasure chest. Rinku squealed in delight. He jumped over to discover his prize.

“dun dun duuuuun” he sang to himself.  He pulled a map out from the chest.

This makes like just a whole lot easier.

He jumped back across the room, almost getting his feet zapped off as he passed the beamos.

Looks like I don’t have a choice.

Rinku grabbed a nearby bomb flower and threw it at the beamos, which exploded on impact.  He uttered another prayer to the goddesses.

King Dodongo isn’t in this room so he must be in another.

Feeling safer without the beamos Rinku ran laps around the room trying to find a way to pass through. It was becoming clear that the bomb flowers would be of use in the cavern.

Bomb flowers, that’s it.

He examined all four walls closely before coming across a large crack in the wall on the far side. Rinku grinned as he placed a bomb flower by the wall.

KABOOOOM and the wall was broken. He passed into the next room through the small passageway.

As he passed from room to room he could feel the courage growing as he fought more skilled enemies, especially against those pesky lizalfos, baby dogongos and armos. Fire keese were just annoying. All creatures he had read about in his brother’s book. His wisdom also grew as he solved each logic puzzle, which gained him access to the next room. . He had a feeling he would have to visit a fairy fountain when he returned. Or sneak into Link’s secret stash of red potion.

After an emerging back into the main room from a height he noticed a stone pillar with writing engraved onto the surface.

Giant Dead Dogongo…

When it sees red,

A new way to go

Will be open.

Yet another puzzle, Rinku wasn’t quite sure if he was completely enjoying them but he like trying wrack his brains around the answer. After all, it was one step closer to the Spiritual Stone of Fire.

He noticed another bomb flower beside him anda rickety looking bridge up ahead that lead over to the other side of the room, above the skull of now what he realised was the dead Dodongo. It looking eerily unstable and it didn’t help that there were gaps in the panels, right over the eyes sockets of the skull.

Well fire is red.

Taking another deep breath and wiping the sweat from his now rather filthy forehead he grabbed the bomb flower. He screamed as he ran as fast as he could over the bridge, hurling down to the eye socket below. The socket burst into flames, shining red.

Now for the other side

He repeated the process again this time going a little further. The second socket also burst into red flames, the jaw of the skull opened. Hoping that this was the final room, he dropped down from his position and passed through the skull, exhausted.

He almost cried as he once again had to battle yet more baby dodongos. Judging by their fiery nature, he knew King Dodongo wouldn’t be the easiest of foes. With the help of yet another bomb, he dropped through the hole in the floor at the end of the corridor.

A small rocky path at edges of the room enclosed a pit of fiery lava. Rinku made a mental note not to step in it has he made his way over to the far side of the room where a giant Dodongo was roaming.

“Um, excuse m-“ The Infernal Dinosaur, King Dodongo, stopped Rinku in his tracks with a death-defying roar before starting to stalk him down. Rinku scrambled to try and get some distance between him and the creature, only narrowly missing a pillar of flames, which had erupted from its mouth. As he had done in the previous rooms, he looked around the room frantically for some clues.

Bomb flowers.

He had remembered, when fighting the smaller dodongos that the only way to defeat them was to throw the bombs in to their mouths; a cruel and messy fate. He slowed down to grab the nearest flower. He turned on his heels to face the King. Waiting for the creature to stop and open up its mouth to power up his attack.


King Dogongo was down, but not for long. Rinku raced forward, drawing his sword as he went. He had no what came over him as he violently slashed the creature as fast as he could. Dodongo growled shocked, Rinku attempted to roll back but cried out to the goddesses as his hand landed in the lava. He cradled it as he watched King Dodongo reel back for another attack. There was no time to assess the damage.

Once again he tried to get some more distance by sprinting away, grabbing a bomb flower as he went. Dodongo stopped, opening his mouth.

“HHIIIIIIIYYYYYYYAAAHHH” Rinku screamed as he launched the bomb into the beast’s mouth, again and again and again. Each time he ran forward cutting and hacking at Dodongo’s hard hide. He was at the point of exhaustion he wasn’t even sure his burning throat could drag any more air into lungs when Dogongo cried out.

Rinku watched once more as yet another creature’s life left its body. Another prayer was uttered. With relief he closed eyes and collapsed onto the humid dungeon floor.









Hidden Heroes- Chapter 9
*rolls on floor* This chapter has been in the works for over 10 months??!!! Apologies guys, as I'm now really used to writing scientific reports, where no description is needed. It's been hard trying to write creatively again so the chapter may feel a bit clunky but I hope it was kind of worth the wait. I'm trying to make the story progress a little more in each chapter. I promise we'll see more of Ellie, Zelda and Link in the next few chapters :). Enjoy 

The Legend of Zelda (c) Nintendo
Hidden Heroes (c) ToonPrincessZeldaFan and Light-Sensei
Disney Pixar- Merida by Light-Sensei
Disney Pixar- Merida
The full costume took me just over a week to complete. Unfortunately there won't be any on location shoots just yet as the costume now resides in Ireland. I absolutely loved working with velvet, although it can be a little bit of a nightmare somethings. Learning how to use the eyelets was also pretty fun. I used the McCalls pattern M6817. However, in future I will be making up my own patterns as the pattern didn't fit together properly and I had to keep making alterations. In the far future I am considering making a Merida costume for myself. Despite all this, the costume was a lot of fun to make and yay, I have made my first ever disney costume!!

If you want to see more costume progress you can stalk me on:
Tumblr Icon…
Instagram Icon
  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?- 5 years, wow I feel old 

  2. What does your username mean?- Light Yagami was my first ever cosplay and Sensei because I used to teach my friends to sew

  3. Describe yourself in three words. Crazy, caring, ditzy 

  4. Are you left or right handed? Right Handed 

  5. What was your first deviation?
    Navi transfer by Light-SenseiI made this so I could print it on transfer paper and place on dress for textiles 

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? Cosplay or Literature 

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? I'd love to be able to draw manga

  8. What was your first favourite?Caramel Dansen - BASE by EnterMEUN
    I used to be obsessed with making a caramelldansen animation

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the

  10.  most? digital art 

  11. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? ToonPrincessZeldaFan SnowyLatte phantom-fan6735 LoftwingQueen SerenityLunae  laurasstarlight FallingFrost There are no words to describe all these people, they are all just too wonderful

  12. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? All of the above plus the rest of my wonderful followers!!

  13. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? So many have helped me keep my confidence through the hard times and have kept on supporting me despite my long periods of absence.

  14. What are your preferred tools to create art? a sewing machine and a laptop 

  15. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? I take a lot of inspiration from nature and from just being inside but most of my work is made in my bedroom

  16. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? This sounds cheesy but meeting people who share the same passions as you and eventually becoming extremely good friends with them XD.

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