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Cosplay FAQ

What is the easiest fabric to use?

For me personally it's cotton, be it pure of a mix such as polycotton because it's very versatile and can be used to make many different things, it also doesn't fray and is quite sturdy. However it all depends on the look you're going for if you just want something generic to start off then just use cotton. Also with cotton you don't have to alter you sewing machine much.

What do you cast your gems out of?

I usually use an epoxy resin to make my gems and I make all my molds myself from latex. However epoxy resin is extremely expensive so I'm hoping to switch to a polyester resin which is so much cheaper.

How do you get patterns on your cosplay?

Usually I have a few generic patterns I have and then I usually modify them. I would recommend using patterns Simplicity patterns which you can purchase from any fabric shop. I would also recommend if you're starting out to find cosplays with very simple parts which you can modify without much hassle or even not at all. If you're unsure about your pattern then I would advise you to make your patterns out of a cheap fabric such as calico and then you can see what needs changing and what doesn't.

Tips on measurements?

Generally, it depends on the cosplay and the pattern. When buying patterns they usually say the measurements for each size. I would recommend following these and it would be ideal if you can get someone else to do your measurements. The usual ones needed are hips, waist, chest/bust.

What sewing machine do you use?
I use a Janome 7025 which compared to my previous machine, is an absolute dream to use. It's very trusty and extremely simple to use. It's not the most expensive and not the cheapest but it does the job. I've seen some really awesome cheap ones for approx. £50 and they've gotten some pretty good reviews, just a limited number of stitches. That doesn't really matter unless you're want to do something intricate.


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The Plan for the next few months

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 17, 2014, 2:37 PM
I would first like to thank everyone for all the amazing support you've given me with the Fionna cosplay. I normally stick to Legend of Zelda cosplays and most of you guys follow me because of that. I didn't think I'd get as much of a response than I did. It's not much, I know, but every response means the world to me.

I have about 11 more pictures to upload for all of you and a Sheik photoshoot planned for this sunday. After this, I will be taking a mini hiatus from cosplay, writing and photography because it be my exam period. I have about 10 exams I need to be working for and these are kind of important because I need to do well in these to get into Uni this september. This will be from the end of may to the 19th of June. Thankfully I will be scheduling the upload of all the remaining Fionna and Sheik photos so during this period you'll get a couple of pictures a week without me bombarding you.

After all of this is done I will be binge cosplay making and attending as many conventions as I can. After much deliberation I've finally decided on my lineup, yes it grew again, I've budgeted and am excited to start working on:

:bulletred: Saria-The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
:bulletred: Young Zelda- The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
:bulletred: Princess Zelda-The Legend of Zelda- A Link Between Worlds
:bulletred: Petra Ral- Attack on Titan 
:bulletred: Lucina-Fire Emblem: Awakening

I will be making all of these over several months I have off before I head to uni. I've decided to make a big bulk of costumes over the summer because I will not have the time nor the money to making these during term time. I will also not debut all these costumes in one go, they will be debuted over the course of 2014/2015 before I make another set the following summer. I will announce before each upcoming convention, which will be worn and debuted. 

Many thanks for all the support!!!

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A geek and proud of it.
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United Kingdom
Name's Light-Sensei (or Light-hime if you prefer) I'm a London based 17 year old cosplayer, who at the moment is trying to survive her A-levels in physics, chemistry, maths and English, while still attempting to have a social life. I have an unhealthy addiction to tea, fruitcake and Zelda.

I've been cosplaying for the past four years however, it wasn't until last summer, that they got a lot more attention which was both surprising and wonderful. I try not to edit my cosplay pictures, favouring a more natuaral look. Each of my costumes are handmade unless specified.

I get all my inspiration for cosplay from my love of video games, my favourite being The Legend Of Zelda, which most of my costumes are from. My dream is to make every single Princess Zelda costume. Going to take me a while but I'm determined to get there.

I'm also into writing, drawing and photography. I'm the proud author of the Zelda fanfic Hidden Heroes check it out here: which stemmed from RP-ing with the wonderful :icontoonprincesszeldafan:

You can also ask the character's questions here: :iconaskhiddenheroesellie::AskhiddenheroesZelda::iconaskhiddenheroesrinku:

I am also the proud founder of Beauties-Within please check it out for love in natural beauty.

I believe that a person can only be beautiful on the outside if they are first beautiful on the inside. If this is not the case then one cannot be beautiful no matter how much makeup you put on...


Follow me:



People I love (this is in the order I met people on DA) :heart::

Besties I know I real life

:iconninjapixi: My best friend both here and in Real life. We've known each other for nearly 10 years.

:iconartslonga: Known each other for 5 years, got me into manga and cosplay in the first place. Also an absolutely amazing photographer.

:iconlittlemogs: My super amazing friend from College with her fantastic hair.

:iconflopsythdestroyer: Chemistry buddy and about to cosplay for the first time.

:icondarkchibidrummer: He's my brother...what can I say. I love you bro despite everything.

My DA Family:

:icontoonprincesszeldafan: There are too many things too say about you. She's my lil' Zel and gave me the inspiration to write Hidden Heroes. She draws all the fanart and keeps me going. In a previous life I think we were sisters.

:iconjusti-chan: My Zelda cosplay buddy. Over the past few months we have grown close and I would now like to think as her as my sister. She's so beautiful in everything she does and she's always there to talk to and moan.

:iconzelink4eva123: An amazing girl with an amazing writing talent. She's my first American sister here of DA. I can talk to her about anything.

:iconrin-egin: Thanks for all the love with the cosplay. You are such a beautiful person whether you think so or not and your art is wonderful.

:iconskydream-cosplay: gorgeous German cosplay, super cute and lovely to talk to. I love you Kouhai-chan. Senpai will always love you.

:iconloftwingqueen: My amazing Imouto-chan, absolutely gorgeous cosplayer and artist. Always there for support.

:iconsteamland: My American Onii-chan, he's always there with support and is super amazing and wonderful.

My DA Besties :iconheart: (in the order I've met you)

:iconstarsgivingzelda: She's my first ever Zelda watcher and is always there.

:iconzeldagirl236: such a lovely girl who draws amazing Zelda pictures.

:icon3456gal: Your drawing and cosplay is something special.

:iconasktherealtoonzelda: your so lovely

:iconzeldanerd4ever: Lovely art, lovely person.

:iconhoshizorasgomme: My awesome french friend with amazing art.

:icondivinybaby: there are many things I can say about you...joke you're lovely and sweet and takes aboard my advice.

:iconitachixkisame: Ghirahim cosplay in the works and an amazing artist.

:iconbrilliantku: One of the few people on DA who live in Lodon whoop whoop.

:iconmangabadger: very sweet and very good at drawing.

:iconangelnoodles: Epic Zelda artist and a lovely person.

:iconthegamer24: An amazing singer and a good drawer.

:iconzeldaxlovelink: Girl with some good drawings I want to see more.

:iconmandiness: Amazing Photographer and a nice person even though we just met.

:iconwingscomic: Sea otters

:iconskydream-cosplay: gorgeous German cosplay, super cute and lovely to talk to.

:iconwowfantasticcosplay: Absolutely amazing Zelda cosplayer. I'm really jealous of all your work.

If you'd like to part of this, don't be afraid to send a note and say hi, I don't bite. I always watch back if you're thinking pressing that good ol' watch button.

My youtube channel:…

I love kawaii by prosaixAnti-Blocking Stamp by In-The-ZoneStamp by Kataang-furubastamp by alwaslgirlQueen Zelda Support Stamp by Lady-Zelda-of-HyruleSSBB Zelda Stamp by crafty-manxZelda Addict Stamp by FlaresSunCute Princesses Are Love by Lady-Zelda-of-Hyrule:thumb113545089:Zelink stamp 4 by crazyfreakThe Triforce by fricken-pimpGhirahim Battle by fricken-pimpSkyward Sword by fricken-pimpSS : Link by fricken-pimp:thumb286172571:I Love Link's Eyes Stamp by nao1789Zelink stamp 5 by crazyfreakSkyward sword Zelink 3 stamp by crazyfreakLoZ - Piece of Completion by yotakaI'm a Girl and I Play The Zelda Games by melfurnyAnother The Legend of Zelda Stamp by melfurnyProud to be a Zelda Fan Stamp by melfurnyYou Haven't Lived by OrchidSong24Who needs a dog? by OrchidSong24

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I have a fuzzy picture of Jupiter and it's moons would you guys be interested in seeing it or should I wait until I have the proper equipment to get pictures? 

9 deviants said Yes-I'd love to see some of your astrophotography
1 deviant said Nope- just get the equipment and get better photos

Cosplay progress list

My completed cosplay:

Skyloft Zelda-Legend of Zelda
Goddess Zelda-Legend of Zelda
Tohru Honda-Fruits Basket
Maka Albarn-Soul Eater
Light-Yagami-Death Note
Sheik-Legend of Zelda
Retro Link-Legend of Zelda
Toon/Minish Cap Princess Zelda

Cosplays in progress:

Fionna-Adventure Time
A link to the past/A Link Between Worlds Zelda
Young Zelda-OoT
Petra Ral-SNK

Cosplays I want to make:

Adult Zelda-OoT
Original Zelda
Twilight Princess Zelda
Oracle of Ages/seasons Zelda
Four Swords Zelda
Tetra-Wind Waker
Nayru-Oracle of Seasons
May-pokemon generation 3
Vanellope Von Schweetz- Wreck It Ralph
Starfire-Teen Titans
Haruka- Uta No Prince sama maji love 100%
Madoka-Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Steampunk Zelda




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